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How To Apply for Merit Scholarships?

A merit-based scholarship is awarded to a student who has excellent academic results. Besides, good at sports, social or voluntary work, participated in debate or any competition. But there are differences in merit-based scholarship too. Some foundations focus on only academic progress. And some foundations look for potentiality and talent.

For example, leadership skills, professional experience, community service or artistic talent. It’s good to have both academic and extracurricular activities involved. However, anyone with only one talent also may have merit scholarships. Now come to the point of how to apply for a merit scholarship.

Well, there are two kinds of scholarships available. Non-profitable organisation and university/college scholarships. The private or non-profitable organisations offer such schemes to promote talent. Those could be found by searching online. Apart from this, a foreign student may find it difficult to find a non-profit foundation’s scholarship. Many organizations don’t sponsor for study overseas. The international organisations are helpful but challenging to find truthful ones.

On the other hand, university scholarships are easy to find. Visit the university you want to take admission. Then find out your favorite program. Search out whether the institution provides scholarship for the specific subject or not. If they offer the course you wish to pursue then apply for it. Overseas students can apply online for both organization or university scholarships.

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