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5 Steps of How to Apply For PhD Scholarship In Canada

Lots of universities offer PhD. scholarship to foreign and domestic candidates. But this kind of scholarship is challenging to find. It is more difficult than an undergraduate or master’s program.

Various things are observed and determined from different angles. However, following the proper procedure, one can surely achieve it. Here is how to apply for PhD scholarship in Canada.

5 Method of How to Apply For PhD Scholarship In Canada

For a fully-funded scholarship in PhD, one must have great results in the previous courses. The candidate must have intelligence or potentiality. Leadership skill, working experience (not mandatory), for instance. The students thinking of applying to PhD. is the most talented. Now have a look at what methods have to follow a learner:

1. Need Some Research First

Find out a suitable university that offers a fully funded scheme to students. That could be more than one institution. It is better to apply to multiple universities. Then there is a higher possibility of getting a scholarship. Many are entitled to multiple scholarships too. So, always be on the safe side.

2. Collect CV/ Essay

Applying for any scholarship, candidates must submit a CV, essay, reference letter etc. That should explain your overall situation. Why are you applying for the scholarship? Who referred it to you? Before writing, be advised with seniors or see some samples. That will help to understand how to write it down.

Then you need a reference letter from your teachers. On the other hand, academic results are all needed to be submitted. Every institution has a different GPA requirement. Make sure your GPA meets them. Besides, if you are an international student, you must have a good score in IELTS/TOEFL.

3. Provide Additional Documents

Everyone knows that scholarships have various kinds and rules. For need-based programs, one must submit a financial statement too. Why do you need the scholarship? If it is satisfactory, there are chances of getting the scheme.

For merit-based scholarships, candidates must be active in voluntary work. So, they must submit additional papers regarding their extracurricular activities. This is very important for applying for a scholarship besides education.

4. Submit All On Time

After arranging all necessary documents, email them all to chosen universities. Before sending them, check the deadline. One should not apply or email them after the particular application time. So, start processing in advance. Even it requires time to apply for a scholarship scheme.

5. Wait For Feedback

After sending them all papers and application forms, wait for their response. It may take a few weeks to a month for their feedback. They can call for an interview for a final decision.

After a good meeting, one can be rejected. But being invited for a face to face meeting means you are selected for 50%. So, take the interview seriously and try to impress them.

In A Nutshell

Usually, you have to be strategic to ensure your scholarship funds. Try to apply for government or foundation scholarships besides institutions scholarships. The number of scholarships is huge, whereas the institution’s scholarship is limited. Even the government scheme comes with more facilities.

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