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How To Write A Scholarship Letter For University & High School

Scholarship letters or motivational letters are often asked for scholarship applications. Not every program required that letter. But when it is mandatory, one must write it carefully.

So, it is a letter that covers the introduction, aim and so on of a student. Reading the letter, the scholarship reviewer can get a good impression. Here the scholarship seeker will know how to write a scholarship letter.

How To Write A Scholarship Letter Successfully

A scholarship letter is a way to show your knowledge and talent to authority. Before a face-to-face meeting, the judges will have a positive vibe. But there are some structures to follow before writing it. Besides, you have to include two important topics in the letter. These are:

  • Why would you think you are worthy of the scholarship?
  • What would you do after receiving the education you applied for?

No matter what type of letter you are writing, it should have these answers. Then you have to divide the letter into three parts. Introduction, main body and summary, for example. Have a look at how to write motivation letters for school and university.

How To Write A Scholarship Letter For University

There’s no strict rules for the scholarship letter, usually. It is all the same for all universities of any country. But there might be a different word limit to write the letter. That could be 500 to 1000 words.

So, check the instructions on the website of the scholarship foundation you intended to apply to. In general, it is 500 words for the letter. Whatever word is limited, one should not extend or reduce the words. Keep the letter in exact words. Then the letter should includes the below topic:

  • Your educational background.
  • A little bit of family background.
  • Achievement in school or college life.
  • Social working or extracurricular activities (if engaged).
  • Future planning.

Your letter must look real. The information you will provide must be genuine. So, it seems your vision is clear and confident enough. And also, prove yourself you are the right person for the scholarship more than others. It is better if you take advice from seniors or see other’s letters. Then it will be easy to write.

How To Write A Scholarship Letter For High School

There’s no major difference in writing scholarship letters for high school. The structure is the same as the university scholarship letter. But there will be a difference in the word limit. Be sure before writing from the scholarship website. Here are the tips below what you include in three paragraphs:

  • In the introduction, there must be your name, your current studies etc.
  • Then in the body paragraph, you should write why you are applying for the scholarship. What do you want to do after your bachelor’s degree? Your voluntary work, participate in debate or competition or anything. It will enhance your ability to get the scholarship.
  • You can include financial conditions in some cases. But it won’t look like you are begging for money from them. Show how enthusiastic you are to carry your studies despite having such hardship.
  • In the last paragraph, you should conclude everything. You’re planning to solve any issue or problem, for instance. You want to repay or contribute to society or deprived students etc. Overall, making them understand that they are investing in you, not spending only.

What should Not Include In Scholarship Letter

There should not be any spelling or grammar mistakes. After writing, check with your teacher. You can use grammar-checking software as well. There should not be any plagiarism as well. That would be 100% authentic. Try to bring a professional tone to the letter. Never use any slang or informal words. Use synonyms and choose nice words.

In A Nutshell

A scholarship letter is not something that you write often. So, give yourself time at least days before preparing the final letter. These days you can take notes on what you are going to write. Then there will be less possibility of missing anything. This preparation will allow you to write a good Scholarship letter.

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