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Which Statement Best Explains A Scholarship And Why?

Anyone confused about which statement best explains a scholarship? A scholarship is financial aid that is offered to needy students. With the assistance of such a scheme, an insolvent candidate can take higher education.

But it is an honor to get it at the same time. Because not every student can achieve it, some special applicants gain it with their talent.

Various Types Of Scholarship

There are various kinds of scholarships available. The developed country has lots of scholarship programs. They award schemes to international and domestic students. Emerging countries might have that scheme but are limited. So, to promote potential students across the world, numerous foundations have been working.

Therefore, they give a chance to candidates who come from poor regions. Provide them all academic and financial support to change their overall condition. There are two main types of scholarships available.

Merit-Based Scholarship: The applicant with excellent results and are talented in other fields can apply for it. In this type of scheme, the financial condition of an applicant doesn’t matter. But that’s also true that such aids are challenging to get.

Need-Based Scholarship: The students with average academic results but need finance to study. That particular student gets a need-based scholarship. Academic performance is also considered, but mainly insolvency is the main issue here.

Apart from the above sorts of aids, there are also other kinds of scholarships. Some foundations want to promote students from particular areas. So, they have introduced such a scheme for candidates.

Women Scholarships: Many universities have allocated schemes for women only. They want to contribute to women ‘s education and empowerment. So, deprived women around the world can apply to this category.

Athletic Scholarships: The player students who participate in football, basketball, swimming, etc are eligible for athletic scholarships. Such candidates participate in many competitions, and their main focus is on sports. So, this type of applicant can apply for athletic scholarships to complete their studies.

Disable Scholarships: Disable people are neglected by society, the community even by their own families. But they are also human beings and have the right to enjoy all their rights. So, many foundations provide special aids to disabled persons. They undertake all costs of their living and education for a particular time.

Employer Scholarships: In many countries, employees are entitled to employer scholarships for their college-going students. CVS Health Organisation, for example. In the USA, retired Military finds such scholarships. Otherwise, the guards, active duties employee’s also entitled in many countries.

Who Can Apply For A Scholarship

The learners who need help to further step in higher studies can apply for financial support. College, university, government, and many foundations offer different scholarship programs. With the help of scholarship, students can go abroad for education. Usually, there’s no restriction for nationality. But some foundations or universities promote a particular ethnicity like African, Asian, etc.

Final Word

That’s all about a scholarship. Hope that this will help to understand which statement best explains a scholarship. Anyone who would like to apply, search for a suitable one and apply online. Anyone can apply multiple schemes to ensure at least one place.

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